We build elegant, reliable, high quality enterprise applications.

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Our Focus

We build innovative, secure, large scale enterprise applications.
Software Engineering

We specialise in agile enterprise application development using popular, standards compliant, open source technologies.

Identity Management

Do you have questions about integration of authentication, authorisation or identity management services? We have the answers!

Consulting Services

We provide professional and expert advice on all aspects of application development, event-driven architectures and microservices.


We are uncompromising on the quality of our solutions. We invest considerable time and effort in automation of all aspects of engineering and testing.

We combine decades of experience with continuous, relentless pursuit of perfection to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

About US

We build enterprise software that inspires and delights.
Developing Amazing Software with Passion since 2008.

Goldman Consulting is not your typical consulting company. We don't have a lavish office or a deeply nested hierarchy of people in suites and fancy titles.

We're different! We are a small, focused and passionate technology company. We chase awesome results for our clients, not profits.

Our company was started and run by engineers intent on delivering the absolute best in software engineering, authentication & authorisation and identity management services.

  • We Design

    We find clever ways of making complex business problems, simple to implement.

  • We Build

    We use our expertise and creativity to build exceptional enteprise applications.

  • We Automate

    We use automation as a tool to deliver consistent, high-quality solutions.

  • We Secure

    We take application security seriously, focusing on it from the start and throughout the development cycle.

What We Do

We focus on what's important for our clients to deliver results that surpirse and impress.
Thoughtfully Engineered

We love what we do and we genuinely care about the software we deliver. Our solutions are simple, elegant and of highest standard of quality.

Creative & Innovative

We bring the type of creativity and innovation that inspires our clients and delights their customers.

Customer Focused

We are single-minded and relentless in our pursuit of quality and excellence. We take time to engineer solutions to suite our customers needs.

Secure by Design

We bake in security into our software from the outset. It's part of our development process, not an afterthought at the end of it.

Cloud Friendly

Our applications are built for the cloud. They are stateless, discoverable, externally configurable and horizontally scalable by default.

Awesome Support

We stand by the quality of the software that we build. We provide awesome support and extended warranty for all our work.

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